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There is a number of good reasons to invest in Minas Gerais. Located in Brazil’s most economically developed region, the state is one of the fastest growing centres in the aeronautical sector. In addition, the Federation of Industry of Minas Gerais System (FIEMG) will do its utmost to make you feel home and provide all the assistance you need to success in your investments projects.


  • » Brazilian second-largest industrial park.
  • » It has an unique and strategic location: at the centre of Brazil’s most developed region, at one hour by plane from Brasilia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
  • » The state is home to nearly 20 million inhabitants (5.1 million in the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Area) and has the third highest GDP in the country.
  • » It is Brazil’s leading producer of steel and iron ore.
  • » It has the largest road network in the country.
  • » It is responsible for 17.74% of Brazil’s Power energy.
  • » It has the highest number of federal education institutions in the country.
  • » Minas Gerais is, on average, 11,7% cheaper than São Paulo and 23,11% cheaper than Rio de Janeiro for the highly qualified Jobs.
  • » Minas Gerais is, on average, 18,85% cheaper than São Paulo and 21,14% cheaper than Rio de Janeiro for the technical Jobs.

Infrastructure and Talent Pool for Aeronautics Industry:

BH International Airport:

Located in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte, the state capital, the BH`s international airport is considered Brazil’s next logistics hub. It has direct access to international markets, fiscal benefits and all the infrastructure necessary to reduce freight time. It has been recently privatized and is run by a global company.

Direct flights to Europe, USA and other countries in Latin America.

Industrial Airport

Recently inaugurated, the BH Industrial Airport is the first of its kind in Brazil and it operates with a special system of customs and taxes, including the suspension of federal, state and municipal taxes.

Located next to the BH International Airport, it is close to Minas Gerais’ main training centres for the aerospace sector.

Important aerospace companies with operations in Minas Gerais:

  • - Helibrás: An airbus company, Latin America’s only helicopter manufacturer.
  • - Embraer (Research & Development Centre): technology centre of the world’s third largest aeroplane manufacturer.
  • - IAS: a specialist in the maintenance of Boeing turbines for Latin America.
  • - GOL: a leading Brazilian airline with its maintenance centre in the state.


  • - Aerospace Training and Technology Centre (CTCA) destined area to R&D, training centers and advanced manufacturing to the aerospace sector.
  • - Brazilian Air Force Training Centre.
  • - Support from the National Service of Industrial Apprenticeship (SENAI) for the technical training of the local workforce.
  • - The Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) has the highest number of engineering courses in the country and Embraer is the second largest provider of trained employees.

Research and Development:

The Federal University of Minas Gerais is the national leader in patents among Brazilian Institutions (more than 300 in Exact Sciences and Engineering – since 1992). Three R&D poles are located in the State: Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte (Embraer R&D Center and the Aeronautical Engineering Bachelor at UFMG, one of the only 3 Brazilian establishments able to graduate this kind of engineers), South of Minas Gerais (Federal University of Itajubá) and the third one based in the "Triangulo Mineiro" region (AXIS - Center for Aerospace Innovation).”


As a result of all these advantages, the area around the international airport is set to become Brazil’s first aerotropolis (Airport City): a planned city, with excellent transport and home to a wide range of different companies. It will be a community of producers of goods and services, based on integration, global supply and increased competitiveness.

The FIEMG System can provide all the support that you and your company need to invest in Minas Gerais in a sustainable and competitive way. Some of the solutions we offer (free of charge) include:

Support for Foreign Investors

Specialized support for potential foreign investors who are interested in partnerships and/or launching operations with the Government, Federal, State and Municipal levels, with guidance on incentives and local technical requirements.

Business Meetings

FIEMG holds meetings between local and foreign companies with the aim of promoting business, cooperation and the exchange of experience and information. This may occur through formal meetings, or through buyers’ projects.

International Partnerships

Creation and coordination of projects that aim to strengthen cooperation and business between local and international companies and institutions.

Other Products:

» Business Intelligence Service
» Foreign Trade
» Trade Promotion
» Innovation and Technology
» Trainning
» Intellectual Property Support
» Environmental Relations
» Labour Relations
» Fiscal and Tax Issues
» Institutional Affairs


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